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Exterior Services

The exterior condition of your aircraft is very important both from an aesthetics and a safety/efficiency standpoint. 


Below is a description of the services most commonly ordered by our clients.   If there is another exterior service you  would like to inquire about please don't hesitate to call us at 919-921-2350.

Our Exterior detailing Services:
Dry Wash
Dry washing is an EPA-approved way of maintaining your aircraft. Dry washing essentially means using a wax that both cleans and protects the exterior of your aircraft. This procedure ensures bug-, carbon-, and oil-free surfaces, and should be done regularly for the best results. 

Wet Wash
Wet washing an aircraft is a frequent necessity. The entire exterior of the aircraft (landing gears, belly, wings, engine nacelles, fuselage, all tail surfaces) must be thoroughly washed.

Hand Wax Exterior Paint
Hand waxing the exterior restores life to the finish of your aircraft. The exterior must first be wet washed to remove dirt, bugs, and other debris and to ensure a clean finish postwax. This procedure is necessary once or twice a year. 

Polish Brightwork
Leading edges of aircraft withstand the full onslaught of the elements. It is very important, therefore, to give brightwork specialized treatment. Polishing brightwork not only reduces corrosion, it also enhances the appearance of the aircraft. Frequency of this service depends on frequency and conditions of flight, but the mirror-reflective finish of your brightwork will make your aircraft look new. 

De-ice Boots Prep and Sealant
De-ice boots require special attention. De-ice boots that are treated with sealant perform consistently better than those that are not.   

Clean Gear Wells
Gear wells must be cleaned at least biannually. This procedure is separate from standard exterior washes and is a complicated necessity. Debris and residue accumulate within the gear wells, creating a hazard. Thorough cleaning involves attention to detail and a great awareness of safety.

We have met the needs of many aircraft owners in the Carolina's and Virginia. We believe in taking care of your aircraft in the same way as if it were our own. 

If you don't see a service listed, please call or email us. We are happy to give you a specific service.

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